Originally from the Midwest, Autumn moved to Portland in 2004 to pursue massage therapy school.

Following graduation she opened a private practice working primarily with the cycling community. As her practice matured she studied Thai massage, trigger point therapy, mysofascial work, injury rehabilitation and continued to seek out unique modalities.  After three years in practice she began to travel abroad and domestically as a soigneur for professional bike racing teams. She also joined the Cycle Oregon massage team in 2010 where she travels all over the state with 19 other massage therapists providing support to 2000 riders during a week long ride.

Wanting to delve into bodywork at a deeper level, she returned to school to earn her Physical Therapist Assistant license in 2016 which expanded her knowledge and increased her skillset. She spent a total of 18 weeks of clinical rotation studying directly under physical therapists learning how to continue to facilitate healing both on and off the massage table. She is currently training with a Physical Therapist that practices in the Osteopathic tradition. Autumn loves to help her clients figure out how to move their bodies efficiently and with less pain in their daily life. She may recommend stretching and exercise programs to help you become stronger and get to living your best life!

 Autumn believes that education and curiosity is a lifelong pursuit and is continually fascinated by the body. As an athlete of many disciplines, she understands how debilitating and frustrating injury and lack of mobility/flexibility can be. She combines many modalities into her sessions as well as components of physical therapy, osteopathy and structural integration. A longtime client said, β€œIn my opinion, there is no one better at figuring out what is necessary to help injured tissues heal.” Meeting her clients where they are at and finding solution is a key component to her practice. She loves to problem solve and create strategies to make lasting functional change!

Being connected to the community and incorporating sustainable practice is one of the missions of her work.  She is committed to treating all communities and bodies with respect, compassion and awareness.

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