60 minutes - $90
75 minutes - $105
90 minutes - $120


Three 45 minute treatments - $195

This package is for folks looking to focus on a specific part of the body. The session will include around 30 minutes of table work followed by instruction in stretching and exercise. I will likely give you homework!

***This option is available for people who have previously scheduled a 60 minute appointment.

Massage sessions incorporate these techniques

Therapeutic Deep Tissue

This bodywork is performed to access the soft tissue underneath the superficial layers. Deeper techniques are applied to release the area, but relaxation is still achieved.  Deep tissue is commonly misunderstood as being too painful, or causing additional pain after treatment.  However, when done correctly deep relaxation of the muscles and the mind are achieved without an intensely painful experience.

Thai Massage

Bodywork that can be described as passive yoga.  Assisted yoga stretches using the knees, elbows and thumbs to restore flexibility and mobility.

Sports Massage

If you have an upcoming event or just crossed the finish line, sports massage therapy is beneficial to help your muscles and joints maintain maximum health and performance.  Sports massage is a type of Swedish massage that stimulates circulation of blood and lymph fluids. Some sports massage movements use trigger point therapy to break down adhesions (knots in the muscles) and increase range of motion.

Injury Treatment

Many specific injuries can benefit from massage therapy.  Some common examples are whiplash, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, frozen shoulder, piriformis syndrome or sciatica,  and thoracic outlet syndrome.  If you have a diagnosed injury and feel massage therapy may benefit you, inquire about injury treatment.

Also Offered

Motor Vehicle Accident Recovery
If you have been injured in a car accident in Oregon, your massage therapy expenses are covered under your insurance regardless of who is at fault.  You must provide a referral prescription from a chiropractor or doctor to receive massage therapy.  I will handle all the billing for your claim, all you have to do is come in and receive treatment.

Do you need a referral for a Doctor, Chiropractor or trustworthy personal injury lawyer?  We have taken great care to ensure our endorsement of other businesses has a positive outcome.  The following are referrals to businesses who we know are 100% quality, professional people who have experience with Motor Vehicle Accidents:

Dr. Beckett Cohen: The combination of Dr. Cohen’s sports medicine and chiropractic background have given them the expertise to treat a wide variety of conditions and injuries. Dr. Cohen practices a blend of evidence-based diversified chiropractic and rehab-centered wellness. They are also specially trained in GRASTON Technique, myofascial release technique, functional kinesiology taping, and functional movement evaluation.


Treatment in conjunction with a Doctor or Chiropractor is the most beneficial way for an efficient recovery from an injury as a result of a car accident.

When you schedule an appointment with us please bring the following insurance information:

  • Claim Number

  • Insurance company name, phone number and address.

  • The name and phone number of your adjustor.